Direct Sales Tips: The Magic Of Recognition

By Jane Deuber

One of the most important reasons to encourage regular gatherings with your team is to provide you with the opportunity to recognize individuals for their accomplishments – large and small. Each of us has a need to be recognized for our efforts. Team meetings and trainings give you the perfect venue to do that. Just as a coaching call from you can have a positive effect on a Consultant, recognition in front of a group of peers can also have an immeasurable impact on the attitude and performance of your Consultants.

Constantly look for ways to recognize and praise your team members and you will experience first hand, the magic of recognition!

Inspiring Ideas:
Following are just a few ways you can recognize and praise your team members for a job well done.

· Send a note: A hand-written note of congratulations for a great show, sponsoring a new Consultant, or a personal triumph sends a message of your belief in your Consultant. Keep a supply of note cards and postcards on hand and in your purse. When you are waiting for an appointment or have a few minutes, write a note to a team member who deserves recognition or needs encouragement. Also keep a supply of get-well cards, birthday cards, congratulatory, and everyday cards on hand. Kind thoughts and words are always appreciated.

· Make a call: There is nothing like the thrill of receiving a brief and upbeat call from your up line to say what a wonderful job you have done.

· Say it with flowers: When a Consultant takes a big step toward her goals, show your appreciation with flowers. Whether they are silk, from your garden, or the local florist, there is nothing like receiving the gift of flowers.

· Send an E-Note: Technology now affords you the opportunity to reach out and touch someone with the click of a mouse. Go to one of the many on-line greeting card sites to send a note of thanks or congratulations.

· Put them in the spotlight: When your Consultant does something wonderful, has a great idea, or overcomes a challenge, let the Corporate Office know about their accomplishment. Your Consultant will be thrilled to see her name or idea featured in a company monthly publication, at a team meeting, or in your team newsletter.

Everyone deserves a pat on the back for the big and small achievements. As a leader you have the opportunity to affect many lives for the better. As Mary Kay Ash once said, "We treat our people like royalty. If you honor and serve the people who work for you, they will honor and serve you."

About The Author:
Jane Deuber is a Co-Founder of http://www.DSWA.org (the only association dedicated to the needs of the independent party plan and network marketing professionals). Discover what makes the DSWA so unique. Listen to three motivating and informative free teleseminars by visiting http://www.mydswa.org/tele_class.asp

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